To get an idea of what areas are being mulched by the HOA along the neighborhood streets this spring, click here.  Mulching is being done by McClaren Lawn & Landscaping of Bloomington, our new Yard Care provider selected for 2017.  Jason McClaren is the proprietor.  If you are interested in mulching additional areas, or in having extra yard work done, please contact Jason at 812 335 2663.

Good News for Renters

At the February 21, 2017 Board Meeting Susan Wier asked the Board to look into ways to keep non-owner residents informed of important HOA news and activates.  This is undoubtedly a good idea.  It would also be a good idea for the Board to look into ways of keeping owners that do not have access to email informed.

New Committee Members?

At the February 21, 2017 Board Meeting Don Westerhaus, the newly elected President, informed the Board that he would be re-appointing the two Committees agreed to at the annual meeting last year.  The Drainage Committee was never appointed, although Carol Wise, Bill Mankins, Ryan Nichols and Tim Callahan all volunteered to serve at the 2016 Annual Meeting.  Fortunately the Bylaws and CC&Rs Committee had submitted its Final Majority Report earlier that day.  Five of the six member signed; the only non-signing member was Don Westerhaus.