The original idea for the Sunflower Gardens Wiki came from  the work of the Bylaws and CC&Rs Committee which held five meetings from November 2016 to February 2017.  It issued its final majority report on February 21, 2107.  A copy of that report can be found on this site. [Final report]

Five of the six members of the Committee signed the final report: Terry Fink, Bill Holdeman, Leonard Kelley, Bill Mankins and Ryan Nichols.  The sixth member of the Committee, Don Westerhaus, did not sign..  No minority report has been issued.

Minutes of the meetings of the Bylaws and CC&Rs Committee can be found on this site.  [BLCCR minutes]

One of the key findings of the Bylaws and CC&Rs Committee was the need for a community Wiki* which can be found here: [Sunflower Gardens Wiki].

*Definition of Wiki by Merriam-Webster®:
“a website that allows visitors to make changes, contributions, or corrections”
Perhaps someday we will get to the point where changes can be made online; for the moment changes can be made by sending a note via the contact page or posting a comment on the wiki page.