Board Meeting Summary, August 2, 2017

The board has published something called a summary of the August 2, 2017 meeting.  It can be found here.

It is more of an agenda than a summary.  For instance, it states that:

“Cathy Larson highlighted the Board’s current thinking on proposed changes to our governing documents, which include several items recommended in the ad‐hoc CC&R committee report.”

But there is no mention of what the Board’s thinking is or which items of the Committee’s report have been included (or excluded).  So we are made aware that the Board is thinking but we do not know what those thoughts are.  The summary continues:

“Elements related to the more informal Standing Rules were also discussed.”

Again, we are left in the dark about which rules were discussed and the nature of the discussion.  Further in the summary it says:

“The Design Committee submitted a written report on the issues it has been treating.”

But the summary says nothing about what issues were treated and the written report is not provided.

Recently the Board has posted a Newsletter where a description of some (and perhaps all?) of the Design Committee’s recently treated issues are summarized.  That Newsletter can be found here.