What do you think about Tiny Homes?

Nik Summers wants to know!

red tiny house

Nikolas Summers of Indiana University is conducting a survey to assess Neighborhood attitudes towards Tiny Houses.  Want to voice your opinion?  You can, at:

[link to survey]

Need more information to help you decide?  Please read on.

What is a tiny home?  Definition:  Small, mostly stand-alone, structures, typically between 100 and 400 square feet, on wheels or foundations, that are intended for permanent occupancy, and that include working bathroom and kitchen amenities .  [Click here for additional background information on tiny homes]

Looking for Bloomington specific information on Tiny Homes?  Visit [Developing and Implementing an Affordable Housing Strategy for Bloomington] and scroll down to item #2 under the heading “The City Administration’s Affordable Housing Strategy Going Forward.”

Want to reach out to Nik directly, please see contact info in [email from Nik].